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Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Four, 2001-2002

Below is the 4th year of cover portraits 2001 – 2002.
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November-December 2001

November-December 2001 issue #19. On the cover is Bob Bidwell and his son Thanh. The Bidwells are Gay Parent Magazine’s very first cover family (November-December 1998 issue #1).

January-February 2002

January-February 2002 issue #20. On the cover is former Human Rights Campaign executive director Elizabeth Birch and one of her children.

March-April 2002

March-April 2002 issue #21. Cover family is Will Halm and Marcellin Simard and their children Malina and Luc.

May-June 2002

May-June 2002 issue #22. On the cover is Georgia state politician Karla Drenner with her daughter Kyle and son Evan.

July-August 2002

July-August 2002 issue #23. Cover family is Father Jay DiCotignano, his husband Jayson and their sons, Alexander and Danton.

September-October 2002

September-October 2002 issue #24. On the cover is Carolina Ramos of the organization Bienestar, with her mother and her son Marcellino.