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Finally, a calming, inclusive book that cuts through the noise about pregnancy. No matter whether your baby is growing inside of you, your partner/spouse or your surrogate, this book will tell you exactly what you need to know--and what you can stop obsessing about and over-researching.

In The New Rules of Pregnancy, two leading OB-GYNs guide you through all aspects of pregnant life in an easy-to-digest, compassionate, and motivating way. Instead of a detailed week-by-week look at your baby’s development, it’s all about the expecting couple and how to help the pregnancy go as smoothly as possible. Every aspect of pregnant life is covered—from the practical details (how to fly pregnant) to the complex issues (“What makes it postpartum depression?”). The book also covers that critical “fourth trimester”--“Nursing” and “How to Feel Like Yourself Again”--because once the baby is born, self-care typically goes out the window.

Its strong point of view and expertise come from gynecologist Adrienne Simone and obstetrician Jaqueline Worth--two renowned New York doctors dedicated to bringing patients the safest, calmest, least invasive pregnancies possible. The book’s voice--motivating, supportive, real--comes from Danielle Claro, coauthor of The New Health Rules.