Attorney O’Kane Allen has been exposed to the field of third-party reproduction and family formation for most of her life due to her mother’s career in this area. She is very familiar with the struggles involved when facing infertility.

Attorney O'Kane Allen began working as an Associate Attorney in this field in 2010 and opened her own law firm practicing Third Party Reproduction and Family Formation law in 2011. She practices exclusively in this area.

The Law Office of Erin C. O'Kane, Esq. practices exclusively in the areas of Third Party Reproduction and Family Formation. We have experience in drafting, negotiating, and finalizing Surrogacy Agreements, Egg Donation Agreements, Sperm Donation Agreements and Embryo Donation Agreements. We also draft and file the documents necessary for the Establishment of Parental Rights.

Law Office of Jennifer P. Maas

The Law Office of Jennifer P. Maas, PLLC is a family formation law firm dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ New Yorkers looking to form, expand and secure their families.

The law firm works with parents to secure their parental rights through Judgments of Parentage or Orders of Second or Step-Parent Adoption, having obtained Parentage Orders for many of the firm’s lesbian and non-binary clients throughout New York City, Long Island and beyond. The firm works with LGBTQ+ clients to draft Embryo, Egg or Sperm Donation Agreements when working with known donors, and reviews such Agreements on behalf of donors themselves. Additionally, the law firm is operated by an attorney who formed her family using surrogacy, and proudly represents intended parents seeking to build their families through the use of gestational surrogacy.

With locations in Manhattan and Long Island to conveniently meet clients when needed, the Law Firm takes a modern and compassionate approach to its practice by using technology and flexible hours to accommodate clients’ busy schedules. We pride ourselves on the limited need for in-person meetings, while still providing comprehensive legal services and individualized attention.

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As the Managing Owner of The Saint Yves Law Firm, Attorney Marie-Yves Nadine Jean-Baptiste concentrates her legal practice on Estate Planning and Administration, Taxation, Contract, and Family Law. Located in Towson, Maryland, Marie-Yves is passionate about providing a better future for those in need of legal services/protection.

To ensure the LGBTQIA community members enjoy equality and continue to remain equal, Marie-Yves focuses on the areas already mentioned as well as additional legal issues affecting the community, one that is near and dear to her heart.

Coming from a working-class family in New York City, Marie-Yves credits her personal experiences and upbringing for her ability to be empathetic and effective with all of her clients. Marie-Yves is licensed to practice law in Maryland and Federal District Court.


Trachman Law Center’s attorneys are dedicated to protecting LGBTQ+ growing families as well as the donors and surrogates assisting them. We have worked with individuals and couples of all backgrounds in every step of the surrogacy and egg, sperm, and embryo donation process. We also provide clients with a full suite of customizable estate planning services to protect the long-term financial health of families.

Our attorneys have received recognition for their commitment to the LGBTQ+ community including 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, 2017 Legal Program Volunteer of the Year by The Center on Colfax, and 2020 Ally of the Year by the Colorado LGBT Bar Association.

Trachman Law Center attorneys are licensed in California, Colorado, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York.

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Providing Peace of Mind to New Yorkers and Their Families 

Do you ever worry about what would happen to your children if something happened to you?

If you don’t have the right legal documents in place . . .

  • A judge will decide who takes care of your children.
  • A court will supervise their inheritance, and the financial details of their lives will become part of the public record.
  • Your kids will receive their entire inheritance at 18.
  • Your family could be stuck with a large tax bill.

That’s the bad news.  And, let’s face it, it’s pretty bad.  That’s why we’re passionate about making sure as many families as possible avoid this fate.

In fact, our Founder, Attorney Shannon McNulty, is so passionate, she wrote a book on the topic.  You can get a free copy here.

The good news is that all the things above are avoidable – and at The Village Law Firm, we make it easy to protect your family

We’ll help you every step of the way.  But you need to take the first step.  If you’re ready to get started, simply click on this link to schedule a call.


Comprehensive Legal Service Tailored to All Your Personal and Business Needs

For over 50 years, Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP has been providing dedicated and compassionate legal support for all people.

One of the first law firms in the U.S. to establish an LGBTQ Representation practice, we continue to advocate tirelessly on behalf of our clients.

The legal landscape of LGBTQ rights is constantly changing. Our seasoned attorneys are at the forefront of both the state and federal levels, with a strong track record in small personal matters as well as landmark cases.

Whichever your case, we provide dedicated, passionate, and resourceful representation strategically tailored to all your personal and business needs.

Our Services
• Workplace discrimination and harassment
• Spousal and domestic partner rights
• Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements
• Separation, divorce, and custody
• Surrogacy, adoption, and assisted reproduction
• Estate planning
• Estate distribution and inheritance
• Customized trusts and probate alternatives
• Healthcare proxies, living wills, and powers of attorney
• Fiduciary appointments
• Elder law
• Name changes and gender marker changes
• Real estate transactions and litigation
• Co-owner agreements
• Pro bono legal training for organizations and groups