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Gay Parent Magazine Cover Portraits, Year Five, 2002-2003

Below is the 5th year of cover portraits 2002-2003.
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November-December 2002

November-December 2002 issue #25. On the cover is Minnesota Men of Color executive director Nick Metcalf and his son, Sonny.

January-February 2003

January-February 2003 issue #26. On the cover is Mary Keane with daughters Aileen, Arelis and Angela.

March-April 2003

March-April 2003 issue #27. On the cover are Ignacio and Damon and their son, Maximillian.

May-June 2003

May-June 2003 issue #28. On the cover is the wedding of Maria and Wendy Romagnuolo. The couple have two sons, Joseph and Michael.

July-August 2003

July-August 2003 issue #29. Cover family is Brian Michael Weaver and Gregory King and their son Logan.

September-October 2003

September-October 2003 issue #30. Cover family is Akilah Monifa and Ruth Bolden and their daughter Isabella.

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