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Gay Parent magazine’s Original Artwork Holiday Cards by Vivian Schepis and Brett Cohen

By Angeline Acain


Vivian Schepis with artwork

Vivian Schepis with her painting titled “Crawl” at an exhibit for the Amityville Artist Circle

Since 2011, Vivian Schepis, Gay Parent Magazine’s Advertising Sales Manager has been creating beautiful original artwork for the publication’s holiday cards. Vivian is an accomplished abstract artist and shows her work in galleries on Long Island, New York; she also participates in Live Art Fusion, an event where she publicly creates paintings with live music being played simultaneously.  Says Vivian, ” I studied art growing up and in college and resumed painting again about three years ago while experiencing a dire need to express and understand changes I was going through. The process of my work comes directly from my head, through my hand, and onto the paper and canvas. This lack of preconceived planning allows me to tap into a deeper level of emotions. I begin to work through this process, finding harmony by alternating between colors and lines to achieve balance. I select music to match my mood and influence the rhythm of the lines. The paint and movements combined help me tell a story, like words written in a book, but in abstract forms, like a private journal.” See more of Vivian’s art through Instagram,, and Facebook,

Below is the entire collection of holiday cards. Vivian was assisted by Brett Cohen, a graphic designer, and webmaster for Gay Parent Magazine. Click on the cards to view larger. Click on the cards to view larger.

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