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Gay Parent Magazine Cover Portraits, Year Thirteen, 2010-2011

Below is the 13th year of cover portraits 2010-2011.
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November-December 2010

November-December 2010 issue #73. Gay Parent magazine was the first media to publish a story about the Ham family with this issue. On the cover are Roger and Steven Ham with their 12 children, Logan, Madison, Jackson, Marcus, Ambrose, Andrew, Elizabeth, Cooper, Olivia, Vanessa, Michael and Isabel.

January-February 2011

January-February 2011 issue #74. Cover family is Stacy Graffam and her wife Donna with Hunter, one of their two children.

March-April 2011

March-April 2011 issue #75. Cover family is Joe and Brent Taravella and their children, Sophia, Julia, and Paolo. The family was first featured on our March-April 2007 issue #51 prior to the birth of their twins.

May-June 2011

May-June 2011 issue # 76. Cover family is Val Tavai and her wife Dale Tannenbaum and their son, Michael.

 July-August 2011

July-August 2011 issue #77. Cover family is Scout Masterson and Bill Horn and their daughter, Simone. They couple are known as the "Guncles" on TV.

September-October 2011

September-October 2011 issue #78. Cover family is Hole rock drummer Patty Schemel and partner Christina Soletti and their daughter, Beatrice.

GPM-NY 2011-2012 #9

GPM-NY 2011-2012 #9