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The 13th Child Autism & Behavioral Coaching, Inc. is a consulting company focused on those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder & other socio-behavioral uniqueness. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is overseen by a BCBA. Direct teaching is available in a 1-1 setting within the home or school, as well as incidental teaching in the natural environment of classrooms and households. Workshops are available for schools, home teams & vocational sites. Families can benefit by learning the fundamentals of ABA in order to create harmony in the home. Exposure to friendships, hobby development & social opportunities is available for children & teenagers. Assistance with academics can be provided. Our philosophy is based deeply in awareness, sensitivity & individualized success. Each client is guided towards achievement, creativity, friendship, spiritual health & wellness.

Bright Start Babies


HELP and SUPPORT for Parents and Babies from the HEART

Ellynne Skove, lcat, ncc, bc-dmt, cbc, rpp, e-ryt, provides educated and soulful help for people wanting to conceive, pregnant families, and post-partum families to help create solid foundations for the newborn and its parents in body, mind, and social-emotional growth and development, including assistance in trauma healing from stressful conception, gestation, or birth.

Ellynne has worked with countless families as a licensed therapist focusing in Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health. Learn how to do PreNatal bonding with your baby (especially great for those using surrogacy or assisted conception practices), how to welcome your baby in all stages of conception, fetal life, and post-partum to help your family get the solid foundation for optimal growth and connection.

Free phone consultations available.

Free Virtual New Parents in the Pandemic Support Group Fridays in July & August on zoom 10-11 a.m. Contact Ellynne to join and receive the link at or call 718-643-6064.

Baby massage Mondays meet monthly on Zoom during the pandemic. Schedule is on Weekly Developmental Movement, Baby Yoga, & New Parents Support for Pre Mobile and Mobile Babies on Zoom in the pandemic.

Brooklyn office located at Nest Space: Haven for Babies & Families 518 Court Street.


The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation in which everything and everyone in your life is built. Improving yourself will improve your overall life.

My area of focus is the relationship you have with yourself. From there all other relationships with your significant other, siblings, co-worker, family member, higher power etc. will automatically realign. The goal of any coach is to ultimately help you win. A coach is trained to find the barriers that prevent us from being the best we can be and guide us with tips and techniques to ultimately win at life.

Relationship Coaches act as a sounding board through tough decisions because they are your advocate and want what is best for you. While someone close to you such as a close friend, romantic partner or boss may seem to offer good advice, they may not be willing to risk the relationship by being completely honest with you.

Let me stress that all relationships start with the relationship you have with yourself. If you are not healthy you will most certainly not attract healthy relationships. I offer a completely free initial call, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. – Mr. Jay, Relationship Coach