Cryobio, a Family Business

Cryobio family
Shown here: Dr. William C. Baird PhD, HCLD, and his three children, Robin Baird, and twins, Will Baird IV and Carly Baird Deal. Photo from 1986.

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By Carly Baird Deal
Experience Integration Director for Cryobio

For close to 35 years family building has been our family business. Since 1989, the year Cryobio was founded, we have always considered the LGBTQ+ community to be part of our family.

Cryobio is a donor sperm bank specializing in donor sperm services and directed (known) donor processing. In 1988, while running his IVF laboratories, Dr. Bill Baird, Ph.D., HCLD, found himself continuously disappointed with the quality of donor sperm samples he received from other sperm banks. So, Dr. Baird made it his mission to establish a donor sperm bank that delivers, in his words, "a great sperm sample that will give our clients the best chance of getting pregnant, having a baby, and creating a family."

While the quality of the donor sperm vials we provide is of the utmost importance, we are equally passionate about how we treat people, and family is at the center of everything that we do. Over the past decade, me Carly Baird Deal, my sister Robin Baird, and my twin brother Will Baird have joined the team at Cryobio. We believe that this continuity in leadership allows our donors, our clients and their children, and the adult donor conceived people these children become, to have confidence that their records will stay safe and be available and also ensures that Cryobio will be providing donor sperm and directed donor processing for many years to come.

Since 1989, our business has been all about family. Our family, helping to grow yours. We are committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community and stand by all members of this beautiful, courageous, resilient community as proud allies. Cryobio is a safe space. We accept you for you! One of the many ways that we love to show up for the community is with our annual sponsorships. Each spring and summer we sponsor and attend the Rainbow Families DC family conference, Stonewall Columbus’s Pride Festival, our local community pride festival, Upper Arlington Pride, and one of our favorite neighbors, Pittsburgh’s Pride Festival.

I want to share that the most special part of these sponsorships is having the opportunity to participate and engage with members and allies of this incredible community. The emotions I feel at these events are hard to put into words. The overarching emotions that keep running through my mind are love and hope. As I am typing this, I find myself choked up. I am reminded of an experience that will live with me forever. This past June, while taking part in the Columbus Pride Festival, I was at our booth passing out swag and chatting with other participants, when I heard a woman scream with excitement. She ran right up to our table and said, “I just have to thank you! I am so excited to see your booth here. It’s because of Cryobio that I have a family!” I looked directly at her and said without a moment of hesitation, your story is exactly why my dad started this all in 1989, to help anyone and everyone who needs donor sperm to help build their family.” She ran behind the table and asked if she could hug me, I said “Yes of course!” As we embraced, we both started crying, and then laughing, and then crying again, tears of joy this time. We thanked each other for being there. Two minutes after she left, she was back, but this time she was proudly walking arm in arm with her towering college aged son. With tears in her eyes and a quiver in her lip she said, “See without you all I wouldn’t have him”. It is beyond amazing to have participated, even a little bit, in the creation of so many families and so much love.

We know there are many different ways to form your family, and we support you in any journey you choose to take. If you are considering using donor sperm as an option please visit our website at, email us at, or call us at 614.451.4375. I also welcome you to reach out to me directly at If we do not connect, please know we wish you luck on your journey.