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Wedding Announcement – Carol and Lisa Claiborne

Carol and Lisa Claiborne on their wedding day.

Left to right – Jazz (Carol’s youngest son), Ahmari (Carol’s grandson), Kalan (Carol’s son and their officiant), Mary (friend of Lisa), Lisa and Carol.


On December 14, 2012, Carol, 44, and Lisa, 47, Claiborne were married in Northampton, Massachusetts. They had an intimate ceremony of a dozen people that included the couple’s children. Their oldest son Kalan Poole was their officiant.

The following are comments from Carol about their romance and wedding:

We met on Facebook of all places (LOL). I don’t know how Lisa found me but I’m happy she did. We met this summer in June and were married December 14th – it was a whirlwind! Lisa currently lives in Florida and I live here in Massachusetts. We will be moving to Maryland this summer. Lisa has a 22-year-old daughter who is the apple of her eye; I have four kids and am also raising my grandson who is 13.

I was born and raised in Oakland, California and have lived here in Massachusetts for nearly 5 years. Lisa was born and raised in Florida, a state that does not recognize same sex marriage. We couldn’t afford a honeymoon but we wanted to celebrate our love with family and a few friends.

I wanted an intimate celebration and we were married at The Hotel Northampton in Northampton, Massachusetts – it was so beautiful there. We had lunch and a ceremony all at once. My children were present and we included a sand ceremony that incorporated both of our children and Lisa as one family unit. That was really special to me. We also wrote our own vows, which was very emotional.

Lisa is truly my best friend and she gives me the strength that I need. I know with her my life is now complete. It was important for us to walk down the street in Northampton to hold hands and to carry a rainbow flag, I felt liberated holding my wife’s hand because I knew when she returned back to Florida she would not be able to express her love so freely. I feel blessed and honored to be legally married in Massachusetts and I wish ALL STATES would have marriage equality for EVERYONE. Thank you for the honor to be featured in your magazine. To my kids, have Lisa and the freedom to marry her, is a dream come true.

Photos courtesy of Carol Claiborne

Carol and Lisa Claiborne kiss on their wedding day.

Carol and Lisa Claiborne kiss on their wedding day.

Ahmari, Lisa, and Jazz.

Ahmari, Lisa, and Jazz.

Carol and Lisa carry a rainbow flag in Northampton to signify their marriage.

Carol and Lisa carry a rainbow flag in the streets of Northampton to signify their marriage.


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