The Ecole

Sponsored Content l August 16, 2020

The École is fully back onsite!

The École, an independent French-American school located in the Flatiron District, is planning to be fully onsite when the new school year starts on September 1st, 2020. This decision is the culmination of months of planning and deliberation by the Back Onsite Committee, in concert with the school’s Benefactors, Philippe and Laurence Roux. The Committee, which consists of parents, teachers, staff and members of the Executive Administrative Team, was formed for the purpose of creating a detailed plan for la rentrée (the beginning of the new school year).

The École, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019, has always been committed to keeping its class sizes small, and the structure of their dual curriculum means that each class has at least two teachers. It is largely thanks to this favorable student-to-teacher ratio as well as the school’s recent expansion, which doubled the square footage of the main campus at 111 East 22nd Street, that they will be able to be fully onsite in the fall, while completely adhering to the social distancing protocols in place. Benefactors Philippe and Laurence Roux explain, “We had our architect review the floor plans of both of our buildings to determine how many students we could safely have in each classroom. Based on those figures, we have divided students into cohorts—groups that will remain together throughout the day. We are very proud and excited to welcome our students and staff onsite in the fall!” While each cohort will stay in the same classroom for the majority of the day to minimize contact with others, the class’s French and English-speaking teachers will rotate according to a set schedule.

The cohorts are just part of the Back Onsite Plan that will allow students to study in-person at The École in the fall. You can view the full Plan on The École’s website, and below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the other measures that will be put in place:

Social distancing will be implemented and respected.
Masks will be required for all staff and students.
• There will be nightly deep sanitization and disinfection of both buildings. Additionally, ‘hot spots’, such as bathroom surfaces and door handles, will be cleaned throughout the day.
Drop-off and pickup times will be staggered for all grades in order to limit any large gatherings of students and parents.
Building circulation will be adjusted, with one-way stairwells and hallways to limit contact with others.
Online learning will be available to any students who wish to attend The École remotely in the fall. Online students will connect to their class via a camera and microphone set up in the room.

Although the beginning of this school year will certainly look different than in the past, The École is excited to be fully back onsite in September. And while The École remains agile and ready to adjust as requirements change and the situation evolves, it is also open to those who may currently not be part of its community. For anyone who may be looking for an onsite French-American bilingual learning experience starting September 1st for their child, they are in luck as there are still some spots available at The École! Find out more about The École and how to apply on their website.