Sponsored Content l July 23, 2021

The École is now welcoming two-year-olds!

The École continues to grow and now offers its unique bilingual program for two-year-olds.

The Pre-Nursery class is fully integrated into The École’s bilingual program and constitutes now the very first year of Maternelle. The Pre-Nursery welcomes children who are to be two years old by the end of December; they will now be able to benefit from The École’s unique bilingual curriculum from Pre-Nursery to 8th Grade.

The École’s teachers have been working hard on all of the aspects of this new program, including creating the Pre-Nursery curriculum, so that The École’s whole learning experience is adapted for children of this young age. Additionally, the teachers have considered the specific needs of parents of two-year-olds. This attention ensures a smooth transition (for both students and parents) as well as continuous interaction between home and school.

In keeping with The École’s desire to remain human-sized, the Pre-Nursery class welcomes a maximum of 12 students. Two teachers—one native English speaker and one native French speaker—teach and supervise the class.

Philippe and Laurence Roux, The École’s Benefactors, had this to say about the opening: “This is exciting news for our current families whose siblings can now join The École’s Pre-Nursery class, but it is also a great opportunity for new families to join our growing community.” They continued, “We are confident this will be a great addition to The École’s offering and that it will give even more children the opportunity to benefit—at the youngest age—from our unique bilingual program!”

Remodeling of their Maternelle Campus

The École that has completed the extension and remodeling of its Main Building in January 2020, doubling the surface, and creating new spaces for their Elementary and Middle School students, has also decided to invest in its Fifth Avenue Building for their Maternelle students.

With the opening of the Pre-Nursery, The École has initiated this summer the remodeling of the whole Fifth Avenue Building to create beautiful new teaching and learning spaces for children, parents, faculties, and staff. With the help of a designer specializing in schools and public spaces, and in collaboration with the teachers, The École is creating an even better experience for all. From the installation of a new Library, offering more space and more books, to the creation of a Multi-Purpose Area for the younger children that offers a lot of flexibility and can be used for different activities such as play, gym, dance, and choir. The École is also designing modern and enhanced learning spaces, revamping the classrooms with brand new and colorful furniture, custom made for the children, with plenty of dynamic areas for them to learn and play: dramatic plays, constructions, arts and complemented with a modern and cozy reading corner, the best place to pick a book!

About The École: Light Through Language

Located in New York’s vibrant Flatiron District, The École is an intimate and independent, Pre-Nursery to 8th Grade French-American school that cultivates an internationally-minded community of students. At The École, the goal of education is to develop well-informed, well-rounded, responsible and compassionate students who can create and connect to a world filled with possibilities. This belief is at the heart of their uniquely-designed bilingual program, in which students learn to not just speak, read, and write in two languages, but also to think, feel, and act in ways that are informed by two cultures. To always see, explore, and understand the world around them from two perspectives is the gift of the deeply bi-literate student, succinctly captured in the school’s motto, “Light through language”.

Artfully blending the curriculum requirements and pedagogical approaches of the French and American systems, The École’s faculty create rich academic environments for a diverse, international student body. From Maternelle through Middle School, students at The École are guided through the core language arts, social studies, math, and sciences content, as well as character and cultural enrichment, in both French and English. In their intimate classroom settings, the teachers aspire to provide bilingual learning opportunities that engage, challenge, inspire—and illuminate.