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Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year One, 1998 – 1999

Below is the 1st year of cover portraits 1998 – 1999.
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November-December 1998 issue #1

November-December 1998 issue #1. Cover family is Bob Bidwell, Tyronne “Tai” Dang, and their son Thanh.

January-February 1999 issue #2

January-February 1999 issue #2. Cover family is Flavia Francesquini, France Desmarattes and their son Kawika.

March-April 1999 issue #3

March-April 1999 issue #3. Cover family is single dad Ted Scheffler and son Matt.

May-June 1999 issue #4

May-June 1999 issue #4. Cover family is Laura Fox, her partner Diane Diffenderfer and their sons, Mark and Kevin.

July-August 1999 issue #5

July-August 1999 issue #5. On the cover is public figure and gay dad Dan Savage.

September-October 1999 issue #6

September-October 1999 issue #6. Cover family is Susan Siegel, Saundra Thomas and their daughter Cali.