Sponsored Content | April 25, 2023

Is school a safe space for my kid? Will they be accepted? Will they have friends? Will they feel loved?

For far too many kids these days, their answer to all of these is ‘no’. Their school environment is not a safe or loving place. Because of that, they lose their motivation. Because of that, their academics suffer.

Many times, parents are left confused and wondering what’s going on? Does my student need better teachers? Do they need a better curriculum? Do they need more 1-on-1 time?

Of course, all those factors should be considered and looked at carefully. But at Fusion Academy, our teaching philosophy is a three-legged stool of 1) Love; 2) Motivate; 3) Teach. And it’s designed sequentially on purpose. You can’t skip straight to the end. If your student does not feel psychologically safe at school, they will not be able to learn effectively.

At Fusion Academy, we celebrate each individual student. Each class is one-to-one: one student and one teacher. In this space, teachers not only personalize instruction to each student, but they also act as a mentor. Each class session the student is seen, heard, and an active participant in their education.

One parent said, “The learning culture of the school and the relationships he has with his teachers have been key in helping our child find joy and excel in his studies. At home, our dinner conversation often turns to interesting things happening at Fusion – our entire family has benefited!”

This one-to-one setting is the most effective way to learn, and personalized learning is proven to help students progress two to three times faster* than their peers academically. We also see dramatic shifts in our students’ attitude toward learning when the content is customized for them.

“Fusion Academy has given our daughter a safe space to grow and learn. She hated school before and now she can’t wait to go. Fusion’s ability to tailor the curriculum to her learning style and interests has ignited a passion for learning in her.” – Elizabeth, Fusion Parent

Though classes are one-to-one, Fusion offers ample social opportunities that are tailored to the interests of the students. Our Homework Café is where students spend time between classes and the Director of the space aligns programming to social-emotional learning themes. Students form clubs and groups around things they care about like book club, anime club, gaming club, LGBTQ+ club, student government, and more.

Jessica B., a Fusion parent, describes the school as a “Warm and supportive environment where students feel safe, included, and understood but also are challenged to grow in new ways.”

Fusion has over 80 campus locations across the U.S., and a fully virtual campus (Fusion Global Academy) that has students from all 50 states and 33 countries. Our campuses are intentionally kept small and rarely exceed 100 students.

“Fusion welcomed all of him and it’s been a pleasure witnessing him returning to himself, engaged intellectually, emotionally, and receiving such loving and personalized instruction. We are truly grateful that he had the opportunity to attend Fusion and really blossom into the learner he is, renew himself and be welcomed and celebrated for who he is.” – Fusion Parent

Fusion is fully accredited and offers a full-time middle and high school, as well as classes for credit, tutoring/mentoring, test prep, and post-secondary/college counseling. Summer is coming soon and it’s a great time to try out a single class or a few tutoring sessions at our special summer pricing.

If you’re interested in learning more about Fusion, the best thing is to contact us and set up a campus tour. There’s truly nothing like seeing our unique environment in person. Call us at 855.551.6047 or connect with us by clicking here.

*Robinson, C. D., Kraft, M. A., Loeb, S., & Schueler, B. E. (2021). Accelerating Student Learning with High-Dosage Tutoring. EdResearch for Recovery Design Principles Series. EdResearch for Recovery Project.