How to Choose the Sperm or
Egg Donor That is Right for You

Sponsored Content | June 17, 2021

Are you considering making a new addition to your family and becoming a first-time parent? Although many people share the dream of having children in the future, there are several different paths one can take to parenthood and each one is unique. While some choose to expand their families through adoption or providing a foster home for a child in need, others prefer to have children who are biologically related to either themselves or their partner. Should you decide to begin the process of conceiving a child with donor sperm or eggs, here are a few steps you can take to maintain your peace of mind during your search for the egg or sperm donor that is right for you.

Use a sperm & egg bank that requires genetic testing + physical & mental evaluations for donors
Many new parents tend to worry about the health and safety of their baby. This is why it is important to select a donor from a reputable sperm and egg bank that requires genetic screening as well as mental and physical evaluations of all donors. With a donor from Cryos International, you can rest assured that the donor you choose has gone through a rigorous process to determine that they are mentally and physically fit as well as free from some of the most common genetic disorders.

Find a sperm & egg bank that offers extended donor profiles
Is it important to you or your partner that your child shares similar physical characteristics or personality traits with you? If so, you should choose a donor from a sperm and egg bank that allows you to view detailed information about donors’ personalities, skills, interests, and family histories. With these extended profiles, such as the ones offered for many donors at Cryos International, you can filter by race and ethnicity, educational or occupational status, and more. You may even have the option to view child or adult photos of potential donors, in addition to learning more about the results of their mental and physical evaluations. Choosing a sperm and egg bank that provides this information about donors’ backgrounds will help put your mind at ease when selecting your perfect donor.

Choose a sperm & egg bank with a quality assurance guarantee & the support system you need
For first-time parents, the process of purchasing donor eggs or sperm can be confusing, or even overwhelming. When choosing your donor sperm or eggs, you want to be certain of the quality of your purchase. A reputable sperm or egg bank should always be willing to offer their clients the support and assistance they need on their journey to becoming parents, as well as a quality assurance guarantee. At Cryos International, we are proud to ensure both a Donor Sperm MOT Guarantee and Donor Egg Blastocyst Guarantee. Gaining our clients’ trust is essential to us – not optional. Our mission is to help families everywhere, and our quality guarantees are at the heart of everything we do.

Why Cryos International?
There are many different paths to parenthood, and all are valid! Should you decide to choose donor sperm or eggs on your journey to become a parent, Cryos International is here to help you create your family, your way.

As the world’s largest sperm and egg bank, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our donors. All donors are subject to genetic screening and mental and physical evaluations, and all donor sperm and eggs must meet our extensive Quality Guarantees. Both ID Release and Non-ID Release (anonymous and non-anonymous) donors are available to choose from, as well as both basic and extended donor profiles for you to consider on your search.

While Cryos International sperm and egg donors all have unique traits and interests, there is one thing they all have in common - the desire to help others start the families they have been dreaming of. With so many donors to choose from at Cryos, we hope you will find the one that is
right for you.

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