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Cofertility Offers a New Egg Donation Experience

Building your family should be an incredible experience, centered on your family and honoring the person (egg donor) making it possible. This year, Cofertility launched a new platform aimed at doing just that.

Their unique model empowers women to take control of their own reproductive health while giving families the gift of a lifetime. This means that donors aren’t doing it for the cash – they keep half the eggs retrieved for their own future use, and donate half to your family. It’s a win-win.

Why is taking cash compensation out of the equation so important? 

ASRM has stated that egg donor compensation can open the door for exploitation. Some agencies advertise egg donation to low-income women as a way to earn a quick buck. With such a focus on money, they attract donors doing it for the wrong reason.

Plus, a 2021 Harvard study found that 62% of donor-conceived adults felt the exchange of money for donor gametes was wrong, and 41% were troubled by the fact that money was exchanged around their conception. By allowing donors to freeze their eggs as part of the process, Cofertility’s unique model honors everyone involved.

Taking a stand against anonymous donation

In a world of ubiquitous genetic testing, no gamete donation can be guaranteed to be anonymous. The Cofertility team works with all parties involved to build a relationship that feels right for them, and they encourage both donors and intended parents to consider the donor-conceived child’s best interest. Other agencies make false promises to donors of “anonymous” egg donations, making it difficult and awkward for children to ask the donor questions as they grow up.

Experts in egg donation for LGBTQ+ families

Cofertility Medical Advisor Dr. Samuel Pang is a pioneer in providing reproductive care to LGBTQ+ patients. In 1998, he was among the earliest physicians using IVF for gay men who sought parenthood via donor eggs and gestational surrogacy. In 2007, he began providing IVF services to lesbian couples without infertility, coining the term “reciprocal IVF” for one person providing oocytes and the other gestating. In 2012, he began treating transgender men for fertility preservation and reciprocal IVF, and transgender men who choose to gestate themselves.

It’s free to sign up

If you’re looking for an egg donor to start your family, it’s free to sign up for the Family by Co platform and begin to meet the hundreds of pre-qualified donors ready to match. When you’re ready to match, you can rest assured in their Baby Guarantee policy. Their one-time coordination fee includes as many donor matches as it takes for you to bring home a baby.

“We feel so lucky to have come across Cofertility as we’re making the most important decision of our life,” said Intended parents Mark & Chirag. “They’ve taken what’s become a depersonalized journey and made it into something deeply emotional. They take the time to get to know Intended Parents and Split Members to make sure it’s a perfectly aligned match all around.”

Finding your egg donor match on the Family by Co platform has its advantages. Not only will you know that all women on their platform aren’t doing it for cash (rather, to help another family while freezing their own eggs for free), you can also rest assured that all donors have undergone a rigorous screening process and are all-around incredible. Visit Cofertility to learn more.