Two Dads Share Their
Barker Adoption Journey

The family on Fathers Day, 2021

Sponsored Content | September 26, 2022

“We Thought She Was the Most Adorable Baby in the World—and We Still Think She Is”

For people considering adoption, there comes that moment when the time is right to get the process started. For Jordan and Anthony, it was after they returned to the U.S. in 2016 after living in Anthony’s native Belgium for a number of years.

Adoption had always been their plan. Jordan had lots of adopted friends growing up in Illinois. “We called our school the ‘adoption capital,’” he says.

They started looking at agencies, and after attending an information session decided to work with The Barker Adoption Foundation in Fall of 2018. They sat in on a few Barker trainings—one they found particularly helpful featured parents talking about what they experienced during the adoption process.

Barker staff advised on how much to share about the adoption process and with whom. That’s because if there were a placement disruption, they’d have enough to do dealing with their own emotions, much less keeping a big group of people informed. So they kept their support team pretty small. “We followed that advice and it served us well,” says Anthony.

In mid-September came a profile that fit. “We both read it and said, ‘This sounds exactly like us,’” says Jordan. They said yes. “I just had this feeling that this is it,” says Anthony.

They’ve adapted to all that happens in a baby’s first 2 years—the changes in eating and sleeping patterns. They learned some practical tips for other would-be adoptive parents too: get a daycare near where you live, not near where you work. Don’t wait till you’re matched to start looking for daycare because with today’s long waiting lists, there’s not much time.

“We really appreciated Barker’s partnership with us throughout the process. It was reassuring that we had someone who understood our particular circumstances and that we could ask any question to – which we did from time to time during our placement process. In all our interactions, we felt the Barker staff were excited for us and genuinely cared about our progress in starting a family.”

“Naomi is now a wonderfully fun and energetic 2 ½ year old. She’s fascinated with the outdoors and insists on staying outside and playing as much as she can. She also loves to sing and you’ll usually find her singing her favorites tunes at nearly all times of day.”

If you are exploring expanding your family through adoption, Barker has helped create loving adoptive families for over 75 years. Our services help prepare prospective parents like you with everything you need to navigation your options, support through the process and a lifetime of services for you and your family well after placement.

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