Atlantic Shared Beginnings

Sponsored Content l February 24, 2021

Atlantic Shared Beginnings has a unique program especially created for same-sex couples.

At Atlantic Shared Beginnings (ASB), we understand that your journey is a unique one that requires a synchrony of professionals coming together to help you realize your dream of becoming parents. Atlantic Shared Beginnings fertilizes fresh eggs and therefore is at the top of the list for successful donor egg programs. We offer many fresh egg options as well as success guarantee embryo programs, including a live birth or money back guarantee option. The majority of our new patients find us by word of mouth and recommendations from previous patients. High success rates and excellent customer service are our main goals.

“One thing that is unique about ASB is that we have eliminated the delicate and crucial step of the human egg having to survive the freeze/thaw process,” said Natalie King, Director for Atlantic Shared Beginnings. “Because we use fresh donor eggs, we are able to select only the highest quality egg donors, and this offers the highest possible blastocyst, implantation, and pregnancy success rates.”

Natalie King started her career as a senior embryologist 12 years ago and is now the Director for Atlantic Shared Beginnings. Her extensive background offers a unique advantage to the ASB program. “We focus on egg and embryo quality, development, and lab procedures that offer the best chances of success for our recipients,” she said. “Even the best embryologists cannot match the high embryo quality and success rates of an egg that doesn’t have to survive the freeze/thaw process.”

By fertilizing fresh donor eggs, ASB has stepped up as one of the best national donor programs while maintaining its position as one of the most affordable.

Whether you are planning to use donor eggs with your own sperm sources, or you’re interested in donor/donor embryos, we have a place for you here at Atlantic Shared Beginnings,” added King. Third-party reproductive services offer a more affordable pathway to pregnancy and family building for those who cannot have children on their own and want to use donor eggs or embryos. While working in traditional fertility clinics, Natalie King discovered that same-sex couples were not always being served equally by traditional reproductive services. She sought to bridge the gap by developing pathways to pregnancy and parenthood with donor eggs and embryos.

Atlantic Shared Beginnings has a unique program especially created for same-sex couples with the option of choosing two different egg donors and/or fertilizing with two different sperm sources in one package. This program offers the flexibility for patients to create the family they desire without facing double costs for treatment.

“We’re proud of the positive feedback from our graduates about the quality of our egg donors, excellent care received, high success rates, and affordable prices,” she added. “We want the best possible outcomes for all our patients.”

The LGBTQA+ community can be assured that ASB welcomes all patients and understands some of the difficulties faced while trying to build a family. “The Atlantic Shared Beginnings team takes equality seriously,” King said. “We participate in diversity and equality training, as well as conferences such as Men Having Babies.”

We’re privileged to play a role in one of the most rewarding endeavors—that of helping people create and grow their families, affordably and with a guarantee. Atlantic Shared Beginnings is here to make dreams come true, building families one embryo at a time. We look forward to serving you!

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